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Sun Apr 21, 2013 17:39

Hi Jean,

Just want you to know we did not return Sophie to the rescue. We love her and for various reasons we think she will be better with us even if we have to separate them on a permanent basis. They have been doing ok and Sophie is more curious about our boy now. We still don't leave them together unless we are in the same area with them. He is trying to get her to play and I don't think she has had that in the past - I do think she is trying. She does have toys that she plays with and sleeps with. She is exploring the house now even when our other cat is around.

Thanks again for your help.


    • Review of assimilation techniquesJean, Mon Apr 22 09:33
      Hi, Jacqui. For love of both your cats, please try this slow & steady technique: (1) Keep the new cat in a carrier; (2) allow your 1st cat to come & explore for only 5 minutes (3) remove your 1st cat ... more
      • JeanJacqui, Mon Apr 22 17:26
        Hi Jean, I should have told you in my last message that we are being very careful so you wouldn't worry. We do not leave them in a area together without us being with them. They are interacting with... more
        • Good luckJean, Mon Apr 22 18:11
          Well, that's all good news. She's a senior cat, and if I remember correctly - has some health issues. So she may not feel like playing - at least for now. About touching her in other places - don't... more
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