My 3 year Year Chocolate Point
Mon Apr 22, 2013 00:36

hi there,

Have a question and am looking for feedback from anyone who can assist me. My Siamese, Cleo, is a very focal cat who likes to wake us up at 5am, 7am, 8am to go out in our backyard and prowl around. Although I have many issues about letting her go outside on her own - the cat has a mind of her own and will not stop whining until we open the door. We have tried to just ignore her - however, she will literally whine directly in our ears until we give in.

Is it possible if we got another cat that she will perhaps forget about the outdoors and chum around with another feline indoors?

I have asked a few breeders about this, however, I never seem to get an answer.


    • Cleo Susan Zakri, Thu Aug 1 16:16
      What a coincidence that my Siamese Chocolate Point is also called Cleo and she too is mad for going out at night. I worry so much about her safety. I have tried keeping here in and the whining drives ... more
      • Positive Messagelisa turney, Mon Aug 5 22:57
        hi Susan, Just read your last message. I think you have all the bases covered with your cat being outdoors. Although we let our cat outside she has a Kittywalk Town & Country in our backyard to sleep ... more
      • OutdoorsJean, Sat Aug 3 13:56
        I tried to post from my phone yesterday, but looks like it didn't go through. But Tamara's already said what I would say - except I've read life expectancy for outdoors is about 2 years. Has the cat... more
        • CleoSusan, Sun Aug 4 14:25
          Hi Jean I loved your response because you think I live in the US. I live in England and we don't have coyote's , hawks or dangerous predators. My Cleo has had all her injections, she is micro... more
          • Re: CleoTamara, Mon Aug 5 14:57
            I knew it too :). About 40 miles from me, there is a rescue run by ex-pats from England. They let the cats free roam on their property even though Florida has a lot of predators - snakes, birds of... more
            • CleoSusan , Mon Aug 5 15:51
              Susan Cleo You are absolutely right Tamara there are a lot of birds of prey in England they tend to hunt around the countryside. I live in a residential area and a few miles from the country side... more
              • RaccoonsJean, Tue Aug 6 00:44
                Yes, Lisa, I forgot to mention raccoons. The farm where the cat I mentioned disappeared is in South Georgia. I used to let the cats out on the screened porch at night until one night there was such a ... more
                • Re: RaccoonsTamara, Tue Aug 6 20:54
                  Unfortunately, there is no regulation on snakes down here and when "pet" snakes get too big, people release them to the wild. Every few weeks, there are news stories about large pythons preying on... more
          • oh I knewJean, Sun Aug 4 15:08
            You used the word "bungalow" !
      • Re: Cleo Tamara, Fri Aug 2 11:58
        Cats can live very happy lives indoors and she has trained you well to give in to her antics. How often do you give her intense play sessions in the evening with a wand toy? The average lifespan of... more
        • CleoSusan , Fri Aug 2 12:33
          I agree with everything you have said. Can I really turn back time and keep her indoors now that she has spent months outside. ? The amount of toys, climbing apparatus and cat paraphernalia I have... more
          • Re: CleoTamara, Fri Aug 2 13:16
            When she misbehaves, you can put her in a time out like a child. My mostly blind cat was notorious for getting into trouble at night. After being shut in the bathroom a few times, she got the idea... more
      • Cleo ResponseLisa Turney, Fri Aug 2 00:27
        thanks very much for sharing your story Susan. I could definitely relate to everything you said. However, my Cleo tends to stay away from the other cats in the neighbourhood so the only thing that... more
    • Cats are predatorsJean, Wed Apr 24 14:11
      Of course your cat is active at 5, 7 and 8am and want to go outside and "prowl". Cats are predators who are most active at dawn and dusk, when their keen eyesight gives them an advantage over their... more
      • ResponseLisa, Wed Apr 24 15:45
        thanks for your response Jean. appreciate your suggestions - what type of cat breed suits a Siamese best to chum around with? Russion Blue? Lisa
        • PairingsJean, Wed Apr 24 17:58
          What kind of people do Americans get along with better? Canadians? What kind of people do the British get along with best? Australians? Just because two people are humans, doesn't mean they will get... more
          • Adopting from a RescueJacqui, Wed Apr 24 21:48
            Hi Lisa, I agree with Jean but also want to mention that adopting from a Rescue doesn't always mean you will get the information you need. We adopted from a Rescue and received information before we... more
            • RescuesJean, Thu Apr 25 13:02
              I think the operative word is "reputable". Any rescue that had not combo tested a cat and placed it in a home with an existing cat wouldn't meet the test. Nor would any rescue that couldn't provide... more
              • Re: RescuesTamara, Thu Apr 25 14:47
                My comments are going to be from the rescue perspective having been involved with a very small rescue. We spay/neutered all of our adoptable priors to adoption and gave them their first shots. We... more
                • What your fee does & does not coverJean, Thu Apr 25 15:20
                  Absolutely depends on budget. What I would expect is that an organization would be clear and up front to explain (a) we cannot afford to do this testing; (b) if you take an untested cat into your... more
                  • Re: What your fee does & does not coverTamara, Thu Apr 25 21:28
                    I agree wholeheartedly. We were always very clear about what the adoption fee covered. We also sent home the cat's med booklet which showed what vaxes it had received, when it was s/n, flea treated,... more
              • RescueJacqui, Thu Apr 25 14:24
                Jean, We adopted from Siasmese Rescue. Jacqui
                • Which "Siamese Rescue"Jean, Thu Apr 25 14:34
                  Which one: Virginia Siamese Rescue Texas Siamese Rescue Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue Pacific Siamese Rescue So. California Siamese Rescue NYC Siamese Rescue Jean
                  • RescueJacqu, Thu Apr 25 14:41
                    Jean, One of the above. Sorry I misspelled Siamese. Jacqui
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