Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:45

My Siamese cat was yelling this morning, which is nothing new, he is vocal at times, then he vomited green stuff and then passed clear slime streaked with red in his box. I'm kind of freaking out. Someone had some watery stool yesterday (we have three cats). He's been eating ok and drinking. He's been acting ok too. Has anyone had this experience?

    • Re: MucusTamara, Thu Jun 20 07:29
      I would call the vet to be on the safe side. He may have eaten something that disagreed with him or it could be more serious. A call to the vet will put your mind at ease regarding whether to bring... more
      • mucuskimberlylarae, Thu Jun 20 12:10
        He started some projectile vomiting and we took him in. She took x-rays and said there could be something in there and she thinks it will pass. His body is making diarrhea and mucus to try to get it... more
        • Re: mucusJean, Thu Jun 20 12:56
          It's also the time of year when some critters come out. You didn't mention whether any of these cats go outside or not. Some intestinal flukes I think might cause both vomiting or bad stool. I did... more
          • mucuskimberlylarae, Thu Jun 20 13:07
            My cats are strictly indoor but these are all good points to remember. They can eat mice, moles and things like that too that can make them very, very sick. They also eat garbage if they are let roam ... more
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