Favorite color
Wed Jul 24, 2013 06:59

What is your favorite color Siamese?

    • Favorite colorJean, Thu Jul 25 14:56
      They are all good to me. I've owned a seal point and now a blue point - and the one that intrigues me is the flame point. When I worked for NYC Siamese rescue one couple adopted 3 of our flame point... more
      • Re: Favorite colorTamara, Thu Jul 25 15:04
        I have to agree, the flames are intriguing. I've had seal, blue and chocolate. Right now, I have a Siamese mix. I fostered her and her brother. Her brother was a chocolate with gorgeous blue eyes and ... more
        • Favorite colorJean, Thu Jul 25 15:29
          The female cat I lost last year was a lynx point mix. She was personality plus with the largest sapphire blue eyes ever. My blue point has ice blue eyes. About the cat who didn't like the lady - I've ... more
          • Re: Favorite colorTamara, Thu Jul 25 15:49
            I agree that some people have the vibe and some don't. Ever since I was a kid, cats would come to me even though my mom never let us have a cat. When I was a foster, I either ended up with the... more
            • Disabled catsJean, Thu Jul 25 17:49
              One of those three flame point cats (all male) I helped get adopted had the feline equivalent of cerebral palsy. It was because his mother wasn't vaccinated but was used by a backyard breeder.... more
              • Re: Disabled catsTamara, Thu Jul 25 19:26
                That is wonderful! I love people with big hearts and that couple definitely had big hearts. There were people in the organization I volunteered with who thought I was cruel for not euthanizing my... more
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