Stef Kaye
Siamese addicted to sniffing plastic
Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:46

We adopted our Siamese from a rescue centre 2 years ago, knowing nothing about his past.
We love him to bits and pander to his every desire, but he seems to have an addiction to rubbing his nose in, and sniffing plastic carrier bags. He will search them out when I try and put them out of his reach.
This seems to make him happy and he doesn't like being removed from them.
Does anyone know a reason why he would do this, and is it likely to do him any harm?
Many thanks.

    • Plastic bagsJean, Mon Sep 30 11:14
      Cats are very sensitive to sent - so some cats will go nuts over leather (not in a good way) because certain leather is treated with ammonia - which may smell to them like some other animals' pee.... more
      • Siamese addicted to sniffing plasticStef Kaye, Mon Sep 30 11:21
        Hi Jean, I wish cats were sensitive to their own pee - then he wouldn't spray in all the corners indoors! I understand he was insecure when we first had him but he should know by now that we'd never... more
        • Adopted catsJean, Mon Sep 30 11:26
          My kitty is a rescue, too. When I got him he was a "wild child" - semi feral. Some things they never shake. He's as loving as can be, but still has an amazingly hair trigger startle reflex - and... more
          • Siamese addicted to sniffing plasticStef Kaye, Tue Oct 1 12:16
            Glad to hear your cats are more trusting now. ChiChi loves a cuddle, fortunately for us. Another strange habit he has is to take his spare collar, and a stick with feathers on a string, and place... more
    • Re: Siamese addicted to sniffing plasticTamara, Sun Sep 29 10:03
      A lot of cats are fascinated with plastic shopping bags. I have a visually impaired cat that loves them. She'll roll on them, stick her head through the loop and run around the house and sleep inside ... more
      • Siamese addicted to sniffing plasticStef Kaye, Sun Sep 29 11:16
        Hi Tamara, Many thanks for your comments. I will assume that it's not harmful at all, and not worry too much. We did find him one morning with his head stuck through the handle but luckily the... more
        • Re: Siamese addicted to sniffing plasticTamara, Sun Sep 29 13:38
          I always pick the bags up at night just to be safe. I worry that unsupervised, she could twist the loop tight around her neck and strangle herself. It's definitely a toy that should be supervised.
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