Holiday Season
Sun Dec 1, 2013 07:10

The holiday season is upon us and I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has opened their home to one or more cats. This time of year is hard for rescues and I'd like to encourage everyone to give a donation to a local rescue. The ones in the worst need of financial support are the small rescues that you see sitting in Petco/Petsmart on weekends. These small rescues don't have the well heeled donors like the SPCA and Humane Society and could definitely use help whether it be food or money.

    • Rescue EmailLisa, Mon Dec 2 00:10
      hi Tamara, If possible please let me know which rescues you are referring to in your email. Are they located in the US or Canada? I can donate to both. Lisa
      • Re: Rescue EmailTamara, Mon Dec 2 06:51
        I'm in the US. The rescues I'm referring to are the little ones that have no facilities that set up tables at Petco or Petsmart on the weekends to help adopt out the kittens they care for. In my... more
        • Siamese Cat RescuesJean, Tue Dec 3 07:37
          All Siamese cat breed rescues aren't affiliated with the "coalition" that you will find on-line, either. A case in point: NYC Siamese Rescue For which I volunteered and served as a Director for a... more
          • Re: Siamese Cat RescuesTamara, Tue Dec 3 07:53
            That's why I suggest visiting Petco/Petsmart to see who has an adoptions table set up since almost every small rescue group fosters in home and is usually desperate for money to help cover there... more
        • ResponseLisa, Mon Dec 2 09:56
          many thanks Tamara ... I will look that rescue up on the net. Lisa
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