Becky Frye
Siamese Kitten Deformity
Fri Dec 27, 2013 14:23

I have a 3 month old Siamese mix .. He looks more Siamese.. He has been having a problem breathing and is struggling really hard since I got him.. Numerous trips to the vet, yesterday I found out that his rib are inverted in instead of out.. Sad but he has a very short life span the vet said.. Also he has two fractured vertebra's , but those do not seen to keep him from being a playful kitten.. I am so hurt that we know that he want be with us much longer.. Such a loveable little guy and extremely smart.. I am asking by chance is there anything that we may be able to do to help him????? Anyone know of anything please send me an email... Please. And Thanks!!!!

    • Re: Siamese Kitten Deformity Tamara, Sat Dec 28 18:33
      With rare issues like these, it's tough to say how long they will live. I have a cat with severe rickets (his body doesn't absorb calcium properly) and he's almost 2 years old now. He can't walk and... more
      • Siamese KittenBecky Frye, Sat Dec 28 21:59
        Such a sad thing to see the little thing struggling for air.. Being only three months old, I pray for it to out grow this.. Such a smart and intelligent like guy.. Loves to play and is so very... more
        • Re: Siamese KittenTamara, Sun Dec 29 07:03
          I hope so. Please keep us posted on his condition. has a lot of info on this syndrome and might be a good place to start.
          • Siamese KittenBecky Frye, Mon Dec 30 00:14
            I will keep you updated on his condition.. He is so playful tonight.. This is very heart breaking to think he may not make it.. But there is always prayers.. Thank you so much for being concerned...
            • Re: Siamese KittenTamara, Mon Dec 30 06:55
              When my little guy was first diagnosed with rickets, the vet said he only had a few weeks left due to the severity of it. It's been a year and 5 months since that day. People are always sad when they ... more
              • Siamese KittenBecky Frye, Mon Dec 30 10:58
                They are such awesome little babies.. No they don't know any different. Sometimes I think they are send to us for a reason. I would not take anything for him... And I do believe that he will be okay, ... more
          • Siamese KittenBecky Frye, Sun Dec 29 11:56
            I will keep u up to date on his progress.. Thank You for caring...
    • KittenJean, Sat Dec 28 00:33
      I am so sorry to hear this. I think it's called flat chest syndrome.Genetic. Apparently outcome can go either way. Do you live in a major city?
      • siammese kittenbecky frye, Sat Dec 28 11:29
        No.. I live in the country and is about an hour and half from the biggest city... I have never heard of anything like this before.. We are just hoping that as he grows that his rib cage will expand... more
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