Spooky Siamese
Sun Feb 16, 2014 02:13

We rescued a 7 mo old Seal Point Siamese 3.5 years ago. He was in a home w/ 3 children, another cat & a German Shepard. He was abandoned and put in an empty room with water, food & litter.

We know he has issues & we deal with them. Cutting his nails is a Herculean effort. We must sneak up on him and secure him. He howls and it breaks my heart. His paws even get sweaty.

He loves my hubby & me.

I would love to be able to cut his nails without a battle but it won't happen.

I have never owned a purebred cat. All of mine all of my life have been Heinz variety.

Are Siamese cats spooky by nature?

Also, at times, he engorges himself with his food and promptly regurgitates it *ewww*. The vet says not a problem as his weight is great!

Thanks for your help and any advice.

    • Nail clippingalienkitties, Sun Jul 13 14:02
      Don't feel that you have to clip every single nail every single time. Just do one at a time when the cat is calm and sleepy. Pet them on your lap, get them used to petting/touching their paws and... more
    • SpookyAnnette, Sat Jul 12 16:09
      We recently adopted our third Siamese. Our Blue we had passed at 12ish. So we are looking for another Blue to rescue. As to trimming the nails...it took time to gain the trust of the cats to do this. ... more
    • Re: Spooky SiameseTamara, Mon Feb 17 15:09
      I'm not sure what you mean by spooky. A lot of cats absolutely hate having their claws trimmed. I have one domestic shorthair that if I can get one claw done, I consider it a victory. She's 3 1/2 now ... more
    • SpookyBecky, Mon Feb 17 10:28
      Do not know the answer to the nails being cut.. I had a full bred and she was a little devil at times.. The one I have now is Siamese mix and he engorges himself with food and does the same thing..... more
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