Want Blue Point Siamese Kitten
Sat Jul 12, 2014 16:12

We lost our Blue Point Siamese a while ago and are now looking to get another one, as a rescue. If anyone knows of one in the Georgia area please email me. We are looking for one to rescue, not at the cost of the breeder.

    • Test (nm)Tamara, Tue Sep 16 14:06
    • Adopt a catwill4636, Mon Jul 14 10:21
      Tamara's exactly right. Try VA Siamese Rescue first. Even if the cat you like is being fostered in Florida, Tennessee, Alabama or the Carolinas (depending on what part of the state of Georgia you... more
    • Re: Want Blue Point Siamese KittenTamara, Sun Jul 13 06:43
      I would recommend checking out Siamese Rescue - http://siameserescue.org . Another good place to watch for Siamese is small, local pet rescues. Petco & Petsmart both allow small rescues to use their... more
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