aggressive behavior suggestions
Mon Nov 17, 2014 09:15

Hello- We have a beautiful Siamese female we got as a kitten 7 years ago at Petsmart and did not realize (with this cat anyway) very loving to me but very agressive to our other cats, doesn't want them around- apparently a one owner preference and is not mellowing with age towards our other "mutt" cat breeds. Suggestions?

    • IntroductionsJean, Tue Nov 18 10:12
      Agreed with Tamara. It was the new kitten that upset the apple cart. Cats who cohabit do NOT necessarily have to be best friends - you aren't friends with every human just because they are humans -... more
    • Re: aggressive behavior suggestionsTamara, Tue Nov 18 07:00
      After 7 years, it will be hard to change this behavior. You could try a gradual reintroduction of the aggressive kitty to the other kitties. This article has information on how to do an introduction. ... more
      • Aggressive behaviorvivian, Tue Nov 18 09:17
        Thanks for the input-we did get another kitty-made matters worse, jealous of the little kitten. Have heard of calming chews for cats. May try ad in local paper, might find better match for our... more
        • Re: Aggressive behaviorTamara, Tue Nov 18 10:05
          I would never put an ad in the paper for a kitten/cat. People who use cats to train fighting dogs watch for ads in papers/craiglist. If the newcomer is not working out, she should be returned to the... more
          • Aggressive behaviorvivian, Wed Nov 19 09:14
            Thanks for the responses, the kitten will stay,probably will get the calming chews.
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