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Re: Adult seal point with toddler issues
Sat Feb 7, 2015 06:57

Besides behavioral, has your vet tested your cat for cystitis, URI, bladder stones, diabetes, etc? Has the cat been spayed?

Cats rehomed via Craigslist are often used as bait animals to training fighting dogs or are scooped up to be sold to labs for animal testing. Where she does not consistently use the litter box, a shelter will simply euthanize her as unadoptable. Shelters are so overcrowded that they don't have the staff or resources to deal with a problem cat.

If you feel that you cannot keep her and work through her issues then you should contact the breeder about taking her back. Any responsible breeder will take their cats back and work to find an appropriate home for that animal.

  • Adult seal point with toddler issuesAndrew, Fri Feb 6 22:13
    Over the past month, our 6-year old female Seal point named Pippin went from being a beautiful and talkative yet highly anxious cat, to one that has started urinating on our beds and our brand-new... more
    • Re: Adult seal point with toddler issues — Tamara, Sat Feb 7 06:57
      • Rehoming your catJean, Sat Feb 7 07:49
        Tamara is right. Another possibility is Siamese Rescue. They operate in New England. If you can help with expenses that would be a big help. Kittens should ideally be raised in pairs. Something... more
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