My Seal Point, is she really a seal point?
Sat Apr 1, 2017 21:02

Hello! I am writing because I have maybe an odd question... I got a seal point kitten off of Craigslist (free) and she is absolutely beautiful, I had been looking for one since I had lost my male months prior. When I found the post they had her and 5 other kittens which were color variations from solid black and tabbys... she was the only one that looked like this. The dad was black and the mother was a darker color almost a tabby it just kinda confused me... can this happen??? I mean it did but I'm kinda baffled. Is this normal?

    • Siamese mixwill4636, Sun Apr 2 06:57
      Long time no hear from this list! The simplest answer is that your kitten is a mix, though Tamara's answer is also correct. Two brown eyed parents can produce a blue eyed child. It's about dominant... more
    • Each kitten can actually have a different father. The act of mating is what causes the cat to ovulate and the female mates with whichever male cats catch her. I'm going to guess the alleged male cat... more
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