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Blue or Lilac kitten, cannot tell, help
Wed Aug 30, 2017 09:11

I have a kitten that is borderline blue and lilac. Could be either in my opinion, mom was blue, dad was chocolate. My kitten has no pinkish except deep in his ears. Pads are grey. Help and give an opinion. I can post pics or send them. I am leaning towards blue, but deep in his ears are pink, light cream color body, dark mask at 9 weeks. Even the breeder was unsure but advertised blue. Everything is pointing towards Blue but want other opinions. I named him Blue and cannot have a Lilac named blue. I have 3 Siamese now, 2 seals are seals no question about those, just the new addition. Blue or Lilac? I cannot tell he is in the middle to me at this age. Help?

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