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Flood manuscript
Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:55

Hello everyone,
I'd like to obtain a copy of the Flood manuscript and/or the F. Hooker manuscript. I know that there are photocopies floating around out there, but wonder how to go about getting one. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Jerry Dickey (J-Dog)

    • I'll give copies of the Flood mss away for freeRichard Weddle, Fri Feb 26 07:22
      to anyone who wants it and doesn't live in Chalfont St. Giles. When I lived in Tucson there was a photocopy store on First Avenue near Prince where I could photocopy huge reports at 4 cents a page.... more
      • Copy of Flood mssBrian P., Wed Nov 5 10:40
        Are you still offering copies of the Flood manuscript? I'd like to own a copy. Thanks.
      • Flood's manuscriptRick, Thu Jul 10 13:10
        I would like to get a copy of Flood's Manuscript about Wyatt Earp. Where can I get a copy or a digital copy? If you have information about this please email it to me so we can do business.... more
      • Flood mssJerry Lobdill, Sun Jul 21 04:11
        Hi Richard, Put me down for one! Thanks!
      • I would like a copy of the Flood manuscriptJim Stevenson, Sat Jul 20 19:32
        Are you still willing and available to do this? I am getting back into Old West history and while not well written, the Flood manuscript sounds like it contains a lot of good information. If you (or... more
      • Flood ManuscriptJB, Tue Apr 2 14:34
        Richard, I would like a copy of the Flood Manuscript. Please let me know if I can get a copy. Thanks - John Bommarito
      • Flood MSSMICHAEL URBAN, Wed Apr 11 06:43
        Richard, I would love to read this manuscript. What do I need to do to get one? Michael
    • BJ, which edition or version did you buy?Richard Weddle, Fri Feb 26 07:18
      could you described it? Richard
      • Richard, my copy of Flood is called 'Wyatt Earp by Wyatt S. Earp' It is a large, leather bound book, published and released on the 100 year anniversary of the gunfight: 10/26/1981. I believe only 100 ... more
        • details, B.J., detailsRichard Weddle, Thu Mar 4 14:18
          How many pages? does it have the really wide margins? are the pages printed on one side or both sides? double-spaced? gunfight diagrams? how many? copyright notice? published where, in Culver City?... more
    • Re: Flood aka "Wyatt Earp by Wyatt S. Earp"BJ, which edition or version did you buy?, Fri Feb 26 07:11
      could you describe it? Richard
    • Flood mss.Lynn Bailey, Sun Feb 21 12:51
      There’s a sucker born every minute. Eighteen months ago I gave away a copy of the Flood manuscript. Best regards, Lynn
    • how many drafts of his manuscript did Flood write?Richard Weddle, Sat Feb 20 13:36
      The Hooker manuscript is available from the L.A. Museum. I know that different versions of the Flood manuscript circulate among collectors, but they are jealously guarded, and I don't know who has... more
      • Multiple FloodsBob Cash, Sun Feb 21 20:08
        Richard, my understanding is that while Gilchrease claimed to have multiple versions, only one version has ever seen the light of day. One of the differences between the versions was supposed to be... more
        • Re: Multiple FloodsRichard Weddle, Mon Feb 22 09:33
          Thanks for responding. Was Boyer's publication a bound book or a photocopy in a binding? Did he insert diagrams into the gunfight chapter? And didn't Earl Chafin also publish the ms? Or rather... more
        • GreenbergRoger Peterson, Mon Feb 22 05:27
          Alice Peggy Greenberg got the Flood manscript from Josie and kept it in her closet for decades. Boyer met with her and her sister Jackie Wolfe. He bought it and, as Bob Cash said, produced 99 leather ... more
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