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Robin Andrews
Milt Joyce
Sat Nov 5, 2011 09:33

Much about this photo is authentic to the early 1880s. But, anyone could have 'painted' Milt Joyce's name on the back. This tintype could have been taken by any photographer who had a backdrop, a table, a chair and a rug, and of course a camera.

This gentleman looks to me to be about 29 years of age. He is dressed as a typical miner. His coat is a wool coat from the 1870s (which is typical for the miners of early 1880s). He is wearing a shirt without collar, well warn pants and sturdy knee high boots. Too bad he didn't show his hat.

Milt was a miner and he was near this man's age, but by 1881 he would have been well established into the saloon society in Tombstone and would have had one of the Fly's take a more professional photo of him showing his success.

Are there any other photos of Milton Joyce to compare this photo with? If not, the auction pricing might be a bit steep.

Just my opinion. Fun stuff.


  • Milton Joyce tintype up for bidArmand, Fri Nov 4 20:43
    Cowan's Auction is offering a tintype of Milt Joyce after being wounded by Doc Holliday. Armand
    • Milton Joyce tintypeWayne Sanderson, Wed Oct 26 22:08
      The tintype doesn't look so much like an older Milt Joyce as it does a younger man who had spent some time as a bare knuckle boxer. Look at the craggy brows, the telltale attribute of fighters who... more
    • Milt Joyce — Robin Andrews, Sat Nov 5 09:33
      • Milt Joyce tintypeArmand, Sat Nov 5 10:33
        The Cowan auctions are very reputable and do require some bit of provenance or authentication. If you make an inquiry to Cowan's they can give more details. The full description has not been... more
        • Robin, Cowan's IS very reputable; not sharonc, Sat Nov 5 13:15
          to say the company can't be hoodwinked, but as I understand from a good friend in Cincy, it takes much care in documenting anything they present for sale. sharon
          • Re: Robin, Cowan's IS very reputable; not Robin Andrews, Sun Nov 6 09:18
            I hope it really is Milt Joyce. I like to see these men in their work clothes. It is very telling because most of the men running city businesses were also miners and to see them in their secondary... more
            • Another photographGary Roberts, Sun Nov 6 09:30
              Robin, A more formal photograph of Milt Joyce appears in Casey's book and in mine (p. 129 of DOC). This photo was from the collection of the late Carl Chafin and was first published in Casey's book.... more
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