Victoria Wilcox
Dental School Dilemma
Fri Apr 13, 2012 21:52

It was Doc's cousin, Susan McKey Thomas of Valdosta, who was able to prove his true dental school affiliation. While working on her book "In Search of the Hollidays" (1973) she corresponded with a Dr. Ernest Beerstecher at the University of Texas at Houston, who did some searching through that school's archives and located an old copy of the Dental Times published by the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery which listed the name of John Henry Holliday. Baltimore was surmised by Westerners who were just guessing. Susie remembers old timers in Valdosta talking about how John Henry sailed in and out of Savannah on his way to school in Philadelphia.

John Henry's cousin Robert Holliday of Atlanta attended the same dental school, graduating three years after John Henry. Robert and his older brother George became principals in what was called at the time the Atlanta Dental Depot (now the Atlanta Dental Supply Company), as did several of their descendants. The company is still in business today, one of the oldest and most respected dental suppliers in the Southeast. The Hollidays also had a hand in creating the first dental school in Atlanta, which gave birth to the Emory University School of Dentistry, where my husband received his dental degree. I'll be speaking about Doc's fascinating dental connection at an upcoming regional dental convention in Atlanta.

  • Like Doc, I am sometimes misunderstoodGeraldo, Fri Apr 13 14:26
    Hello Sharon, It's great to hear from you. It's also comforting to know that you are there to lead me back onto the right path if I wander out into the desert to chew on some loco-weed. This time,... more
    • Sorry, Jerry.... sharonc, Sat Apr 14 12:17
      Emails and post on boards are sometimes misunderstood because of lack of nuances we hear in speaking to one another.... I don't have Jahns' book, but have heard others tell of the now-known... more
      • Pat JahnsGary Roberts, Thu Apr 19 14:17
        When Jahns' book was published in 1957, it caused a bit of a stir. It was not nearly as favorable to Doc as John Myers Myers' DOC HOLLIDAY published in 1955. Both broke new ground. The Myers book... more
      • As I have always said...Robin Andrews, Sat Apr 14 15:48
        ...computers have no eyebrows. lol ra
      • Sharon, no "sorry" necessary...Geraldo, Sat Apr 14 13:20
        After I made my post, I wondered if what I had written might be misunderstood and perhaps I should have made it clearer. But, it was too late then. Also, I don't mind having my cage rattled every... more
    • Dental School Dilemma — Victoria Wilcox, Fri Apr 13 21:52
      • Doc Holliday"s dental professionArmand, Wed Apr 18 04:23
        Hello Victoria Doc posed for at least a 2nd photo in Philadelphia. I also have some new info about doc and some of his fellow students. I was saving this for a small article but since you have an... more
        • Doc, DDSVictoria Wilcox, Thu Apr 19 22:12
          Thanks, Armand! I'd very much like to learn more! I'm hoping you were able to find some descendants for Jameson Fuches, the student who sat beside him in class and who shared a research topic their... more
          • Southern Son!Victoria Wilcox, Fri Apr 20 21:41
            For those interested in Doc Holliday (and who isn't?), follow this link to see the just announced cover for Southern Son: The Saga of Doc Holliday, book one Inheritance. Knox Robinson Publishing,... more
          • Doc Holliday's dental careerArmand, Fri Apr 20 13:27
            Victoria Please post your email. Thanks, Armand
            • Email ContactVictoria Wilcox, Fri Apr 20 14:05
              Oops! Here it is:
      • PSVictoria Wilcox, Fri Apr 13 21:53
        By the way, my presentation at the gathering in Tombstone in October will concern Doc's dental profession -- and the unlikely and dangerous link it gave him to Billy Leonard. I look forward to... more
        • that dang billy Leonard...bfrey, Sat Apr 14 14:46
          cause so much trouble with his connections to Holliday...sounds very interesting!
        • ThanksGeraldo, Sat Apr 14 06:23
          Victoria, Thank you for the info on John Henry. Your presentation in October sounds like it will be a good one. Jerry
          • More detailsGary Roberts, Sat Apr 14 08:13
            Jerry, Vickie is right that Susie Thomas's research broke the log jam. It is not clear why Baltimore was settled on by earlier writers, but both John Myers Myers and Pat Jahns had him attending... more
            • question for GaryPeter Christoph, Sat Apr 14 19:49
              Is that where Karen Tanner learned of Doc's schooling, or did she find it on her own through family resources? Peter
              • AnswerGary Roberts, Sun Apr 15 10:45
                Peter, I have no way of knowing the answer to that question. The information was known by 1973; Karen's book was published in 1998. In their book, IN SEARCH OF THE HOLLIDAYS (1973), Thomas and... more
                • Vague pronoun referenceGary Roberts, Sun Apr 15 10:49
                  In my previous post, the "she" in the second sentence of the second paragraph is a reference to Karen Tanner. Sorry about that.
                  • Dr. Borkbfrey, Tue Apr 17 07:09
                    Do you know where is papers on Elder can be seen? Is it in a published book? Also it seems Elder wanted to provide information on Doc and the whole Tombstone ordeal but required cash for doing so. I... more
                    • Kate's accountsGary Roberts, Tue Apr 17 07:45
                      Most of Kate's stories have been published in one form or another. Dr. Bork's version was published in ARIZONA AND THE WEST, Spring 1977. Some of her comments to Anton Mazzanovich may be found in the ... more
            • Thanks, GaryGeraldo, Sat Apr 14 12:03
              I thought the graduation photo probably fit into the equation somewhere. It's a fascinating story, but to me all things Doc are fascinating. Jerry
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