Tom Gaumer
A little off the subject but worth noting
Fri Aug 10, 2012 05:04


In discussing parts of this earlier I foolishly did not check on this actual article but now I have and it matters.

Tombstone Epitaph 3/16/1881:

“From telegrams (plural) received from Benson at the Epitaph office, the following particulars of the affair were gathered (Note they are not quoting from any telegrams. They are gathering information from several telegrams and restating what they have learned. They are not quoting a particular telegram from Bob Paul or anyone else) As the stage was going up a small incline this side of Drew’s Station (This is their side or the Tombstone side of Drew’s as they are restating what they learned from several telegrams and not quoting from a single Benson based telegram according to their words) and about a mile the other side of Contention City (That would indicate, from their Tombstone perspective, short or south of Drew’s as Contention is around two miles south or on the Tombstone side of Drew’s. Also if this was the quoting of a Benson based telegram, which it isn’t, ‘a mile the other side of Contention City’ would mean a mile south of Contention City and nowhere near Drew’s by three miles) a man stepped into the road from the east side and called out “Hold!…”

I should have reviwed the article first instead of now. Sorry.

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  • Stage route question??bfrey, Thu Aug 9 19:05
    The stage route out of Tombstone appears to have a set time table and route. What would show if the horses were changed in Contention or Drew's? There was a stop in Watervale for passengers, onto... more
    • A little off the subject but worth noting — Tom Gaumer, Fri Aug 10 05:04
      • Incident at Drew'sPeter Love, Sun Aug 12 00:01
        Hi Tom Is it possible that Drew's was located dead centre in a 400 yard wash? That would explain (spoiler alert) Doc Holliday getting away all those shots before the coach got out of the wash? And... more
        • Doc would have shot you by now were it 1881! Tom Gaumer, Sun Aug 12 01:49
          Peter I would support Doc shooting you on sight for slandering him! I would think the schedule of the coaches was findable but would a horse change only station show up? Stops where passengers or... more
          • Provided he couldButch Badon, Sun Aug 12 17:52
            shoot straight. He missed several people at almost point-blank range.
            • Butch I think he was like 10th or so with Virgil and Behan and a couple other known names ahead of him. However only good shots would enter a marksmanship competition, so Doc had his moments. On at... more
            • Which Reminds MeCharles F. Price, Mon Aug 13 10:04
              Butch, I seem to remember seeing an article in the old Tombstopne National Epitaph to the effect that someone had found Holliday's spectacles. Anybody remember that? Maybe he had eye trouble? Charles
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