Logistical nomenclature.
Thu Sep 27, 2012 03:54

Believers in the Boyer/Rose charade (wash location) have dwindled to practically zilch - as it should be - in behalf of historical accuracy. It’s a nice wash, which I visited myself with Bill Evans’ group on March 15, 2001, but later learned it is the wrong wash in relation to Drew‘s. After that Sosa did the fine work, sans agenda.

Having spent several years writing up official jobs in the Pole, Line Engineering Dept. of S.B.C. (now called AT&T, which entity pays my 30+ years retirement pension) I can assure any neophyte that “up river” means ‘above’ and down river means ‘below.“ Simple as pie: Up river is “above.“ Down river is “below,” no matter that the river is traveling north. All settlers on the San Pedro or any other river in God’s green earth understood this.

The stage hold-up occurred - by all contemporary accounts - 'BELOW' Drew’s Station. That means the Benson side; Below; down river.

Personal agendas ultimately lead to problems, and Rose is no exception.

  • BLM vs. Boyer siteLarry Simkins, Wed Sep 26 09:18
    • Re: BLM vs. Boyer sitescott dyke, Fri Sep 28 06:31
      I believe you to be correct. The Boyer site, as you call it, has more compelling evidence, including an obvious stage rutted path leading into the wash (wash #2) Boyers well researched file on Drew... more
    • Drew'sDoug Hocking, Thu Sep 27 21:32
      There is a lot more that can be learned along the San Pedro River but there are those who would stand in the path of scholarship by claiming to know all there is to know and close the book. The... more
      • Would you lead a hike to the area? (nm)Tom Gaumer, Sun Sep 30 19:07
      • referencebfrey, Sat Sep 29 07:25
        Do you know what Mr. Scott is referring to when he mentions "the hills" My basic understanding is that there was a lot of structures in the area near or around Drew's. I am curious how this flume or... more
      • Drew'sJerry Lobdill, Sat Sep 29 03:12
        Wow! Doug, thanks so much for this post! This is outstanding work. You are obviously an expert on this subject. Have you published a paper on this with photos? I'd love to read it. I know practically ... more
        • Boquillas GrantDoug Hocking, Sun Sep 30 07:17
          The Boquillas Land Grant is a Mexican Grant extending along the San Padro from the vicinity of Charleston to a little south of St. David. It is marked on topographic maps. It was acquired by the BLM... more
      • frames and flumes...bfrey, Fri Sep 28 09:19
        "I believe I stepped in the ditch that led at a 45 degree angle from the ditch at Mason’s to Drew’s. I want to go back and check." In describing the frames and flumes are you talking about bridge... more
        • Frames and flumesDoug Hocking, Fri Sep 28 15:36
          I will post a photo of the type of frame and flume I'm talking about on Facebook on my page and share it on Wild West History Association. This one is still in use in New Mexico.
          • follow-upbfrey, Mon Oct 1 07:17
            if you could direct me to your facebook page or email me at jbfrey@charter.net I would appreciate it. Thanks.
          • thanks (nm)bfrey, Fri Sep 28 18:13
      • good stuff Mr. Hocking (nm)bfrey, Fri Sep 28 08:47
      • BabocomariPam Potter, Fri Sep 28 07:43
        Doug, several of us have wandered along the Babocomari and San Pedro looking for what might have been the original McLaury Ranch. I searched maps and records and have yet to find an exact location.... more
        • BobocomariDoug Hocking, Fri Sep 28 15:29
          I've never looked for the McLaury Ranch. I don't know much about it. I do know places along the Bobocomari where there is trash from the 1880s. Unfortunately, outside the Boquillas Grant much of the... more
    • Logistical nomenclature. — K.t.K., Thu Sep 27 03:54
      • I believe the final word on Drew's station has not been settled. That being said, it there really any agenda when you are comparing facts about the location? Is there any agenda in producing a... more
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