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Gary Roberts
Chronicling America
Tue Apr 16, 2013 13:22

Suddenly I'm having trouble with Chronicling America. Have they changed the system on this site?

    • not that I'm awareDaniel Buck, Tue Apr 16 14:38
      Gary, Not that I'm aware. For some time, tho, when I click on my saved link, I get an LofC "Not Found" message, but all I have to do is click the... more
      • Working linkJohn K., Wed Apr 17 10:23 works fine.
        • Missing linkGary Roberts, Wed Apr 17 13:22
          I must be having a senior moment. I can get to the site alright, but all I get is papers for 100 years ago today. I can't get from this point to the search function for other papers.
          • Re: Missing linkBob Cash, Wed Apr 17 17:50
            Gary, I have had the same problem when I was having connectivity issues. The rest of the page shows up but the search bar doesn't at all. It's not a senior moment. Is your computer running slow or... more
            • Sequestration?sharonc, Thu Apr 18 03:30
              I got into NARA, but a message at the bottom in small letters said the days and hours had been cut because of sequestration. Could this be a problem at LOC as well?
          • look for the "Advanced Search" linkDaniel Buck, Wed Apr 17 15:11
            Gary, If you click on the page will show 100 years ago today, but above that on the same page will be several boxes, one of which says "Advanced Search," click on... more
            • Advanced SearchGary Roberts, Thu Apr 18 07:23
              The "Advanced Search" box is still not appearing. Perhaps it is a connectivity issue as Bob suggests. I'm at least glad I'm not imagining it. Thanks to all for the advice. I'll try to find an answer.
              • browser setting issue, perhapsDaniel Buck, Thu Apr 18 08:59
                Gary, Anything re computers is pretty much beyond my ken, but it could be a browser setting issue. Try different browsers. Dan
                • Success!Gary Roberts, Thu Apr 18 13:49
                  It was the browser. Thanks.
                  • greatDaniel Buck, Thu Apr 18 13:52
                    Gary, Don't get the idea I know anything about computers, heh, but when I'm in a similar pickle, my teckie always says, switch browsers & see what happens. Has something to do with browser settings.... more
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