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Kate Holliday also thought Doc was guilty...
Tue Jun 27, 2017 16:01
2605:6000:8e0b:4f00:ec95:1407:2319:586f implication of involvement. But getting witnesses to go away or drop charges was a standard routine in those days. And Tombstone was a prime example of it.

In the skill set of every Earp brother was intimidation by threat of great harm. (That of gunman James Earp is duly noted in Montana court files.)
Jimmy Earp successfully got rid of a prosecution witness in 1870. Making Kate Holliday leave town was a no-brainer for those boys.

They were all about making money and obtaining positions for enhancement to that cause. The county sheriff's office received far more bribe money than any local law enforcement. The Earps wanted it. Virgil even tried to extort a bribe from former policeman Tommy Cornelison. The latter had worked under Marshal Ben Sippy, but refused to work for Virgil Earp when the latter got Sippy's job. My long time suspicion is that Sippy was run off through intimidation by the Earp boys, and never came back.

Cornelison may have reacted to that. Even in the Lake Manuscript notes there is mentioned hanky-panky in the works for getting rid of Sippy, but no admission by Wyatt of the intimidation factor. Wyatt told Lake that a "Citizens Committee bought Sippy off" because "he couldn't handle the town."
I think that was a another lie by Wyatt, who never seems to have a shortage. What influence does a citizens committee have over the City Council who hire and fire?


  • Paul switchbfrey, Tue Jun 27 06:38
    Several sources allude to the fact that the other driver was sick that night and needed a break. The robbers had more numbers and could of chased that stage and stopped it. They did not appear to... more
    • Kate Holliday also thought Doc was guilty... — K.t.K., Tue Jun 27 16:01
      • ButTom Gaumer, Fri Jul 14 10:25
        Didn't the prosecutor Lyttleton Price say in the newspaper he had talked with the Witnesses about Doc's involvement in the stage attack and found them not credible at all. Did he not then refuse to... more
        • Avoid the possibility of criminal charges?K.t.K., Fri Jul 14 17:30
          Since when did any Earp (or a Doc Holliday for that matter) show any undue concern about facing criminal charges in any State or Territory? According to my latest count the Earp brothers accumulated... more
          • You should put up the 46 arrests before the listTom Gaumer, Fri Jul 21 23:48
            KTK gets so long no one can handle it:-) Wyatt's story that the businessmen bought out Sippy is still the wiser way to go if moving him out required any effort at all. Both newspapers still agreed... more
            • Evidently you have never researchedK.t.K., Sun Jul 23 13:24
              ...the lives of James, Morgan and Warren Earp, who are all documented for intimidation, threats and/or terrorizing of either men, women, or both, in many different places across the frontier -... more
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