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Re: Kenny - quick question - if I may?
Wed Jun 28, 2017 05:10

For the same reasons that I know Allie was living inside Hester Baldwin's two-story brothel at Omaha.
I'll share with you something you should know, if you don't already - that City Marshals are very familiar with the demimonde population in their respective jurisdictions. Notwithstanding the fact of how the girls sometimes move around or are traded between brothels. Regardless, it was unusual for Capt. Rodney Dutchure of Omaha to hand carry a message from a prostitute lodged in his jail, across the bridge into Council Bluffs for delivery to Allie Sullivan. This was correspondence between two prostitutes who some months before were roommates upstairs at Baldwin's notorious joint.
I'm not giving up other hard-earned sources on this board.


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