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Robin Andrews...
Thu Jul 6, 2017 17:28

I was so terribly sorry to learn of Robin's passing. I can only imagine the sadness that is in her home and amongst her family.
Robin was a bright light in our environment and has now been dimmed. It's our loss as she was a good person...outspoken and well grounded. I met her once years ago and warmed up to her immediately. I've had some wonderful correspondence with her here and there and she was always up-building and encouraging.
I did not know about her illness but it does not surprise me that she was private about it. I was hoping she would be joining the group in Tombstone one day so we could get to know each other better.
Life is full of disappointments, but I believe in the resurrection promise and expect to see Robin again one day, on the earth and happy and healthy.

To her family, my sincere best wishes for the strength to carry on,

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