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Kate's dilemma...
Mon Jul 24, 2017 13:23

Hi Bruce,
Well, its certain Behan didn't beat her for a confession! If he had gone to that extreme he certainly wouldn't have let the whole thing go so easy. I doubt if Behan had anything to do with it. That sounds like Walter Noble Burns or Boyer.
It is on record that Doc was charged by her, there was an arrest, but charges were dropped when she, the witness, left town.
She could not sign such a document in court if she was drunk. And as I said earlier, Spicer represented her. He would not appear in court with a drunken client. I don't believe she was drunk at all. There is no record anywhere of her being a public drunk at any time.
Virgil arrested her and held her without charge for a couple of days, then shipped her out. There may be some variations to the account, but the fact remains that Virgil had her under wraps and could say anything about her. She would have no defense,

  • Kate's circumstancebfrey, Mon Jul 24 07:30
    I always wondered how this event of her telling of Holliday's involvement... In Addie's account she was beaten by Behan in order to get a confession, I think that is far fetched, I'm guessing... more
    • Anonymous/Addie?Joyce, Sun Jul 30 08:27
      I think Bruce was referring to Allie Earp, Virgil's wife. However, it is not at all reasonable to think that Behan beat Kate to get information. Nothing in his whole history suggests he would be... more
    • Kate's dilemma... — Joyce, Mon Jul 24 13:23
      • Precicely Joyce.K.t.K., Mon Jul 24 15:12
        Getting rid of witnesses is a game old as the hills, and will never go away. k
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