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Bob/old leather....
Mon Jul 31, 2017 07:25

Hi there, Bob
I knew you would like the idea of dissecting all the Inquest and Hearing testimonies line by line and phrase by phrase. Things have been a little uneventful lately.
I'll let you know when you need to start saving up some of those over-ripe tomatoes!
Nevertheless, this one will give you lots to think about. We won't agree but it will be stimulating. I still have some tweaking to do as I think I've reached my saturation point on the subject so want to cover everything I can without over-doing it. That's the tough part for me.
Thank you for the encouragement. It is appreciated.

  • Re: to whom it may concern.....Bob Cash, Sun Jul 30 14:46
    Joyce, please let me know as soon as "Vantage Point" comes out. I'l start practicing my chewing now. Good luck on your Oregon Trail book. I am sure it is great.
    • Bob/old leather.... — Joyce, Mon Jul 31 07:25
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