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Bob Cash
Allie's story of the "Wells Fargo secret detective"
Mon Jul 31, 2017 09:30

This is from Allie's Story: Mrs. Virgil Earp and The "Tombstone Travesty" by Gary L. Roberts:

"At one point in his narrative, Waters takes a backhanded slap at Lake for suggesting that Wells Fargo operatives Fred Dodge and J. B. Ayers were known only to the Earps. "As a matter of sober fact," he says in the manuscript, "half the town knew of them." Allie confirms that a "Wells Fargo secret detective" visited Virgil on a regular basis. She does not identify him as Fred Dodge, but what she says about him is consistent with Dodge's testimony that he checked in with the Earps on a regular basis."

  • Re: Fred DodgeBob Cash, Mon Jul 31 09:15
    John, if my memory serves me correctly, Allie Earp, in the the original Frank Waters manuscript (not his largely fabricated EARP BROTHERS OF TOMBSTONE), is quoted as saying that the brothers were... more
    • Fred Dodge and Frank WatersJohn Boessenecker, Mon Jul 31 10:50
      I generally take old-timer's recollections with a grain of salt. Here, given that Waters fictionalized, even invented, Allie's recollections in his 1961 book, that raises the question of how accurate ... more
      • Thank you, John, for your response.Bob Cash, Mon Jul 31 20:48
        Your point is well taken. I have been told that there is other contemporary (pre-1890) sources that point to Dodge's employment by Wells Fargo. I hope that the one who told me this will share it in... more
        • Fred Dodge and Wells FargoJohn Boessenecker, Tue Aug 1 12:03
          I think the main pre 1890 source is the Wells Fargo cash book entry which shows the payment to Fred Dodge for posse duty in 1881. I went into this in my reply to Peter Brand's post above.
    • Allie's story of the "Wells Fargo secret detective" — Bob Cash, Mon Jul 31 09:30
      • Bob, as an indefatigable researchers I can attest to the nonsense of a Boessenecker ego-maniac when he dismisses old-timer's recollections with a grain of salt, and then claims that "Waters... more
        • Kenny, Anonymous above was me...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 1 09:34
          ...I didn't want you to be blaming Tom Gaumer for my post.
        • Fred DodgeJohn Boessenecker, Mon Jul 31 22:25
          Whoa, Nellie. That's a real mouthful. Does someone have some Xanax for K.T.K.???
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