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Re: Allie's story of the "Wells Fargo secret detective"
Mon Jul 31, 2017 15:38

Bob, as an indefatigable researchers I can attest to the nonsense of a Boessenecker ego-maniac when he dismisses old-timer's recollections with a grain of salt, and then claims that "Waters fictionalized, even invented, Allie's recollections." He would not even know how to begin research on what he discards as worthless.

In the last year I researched Allie by the very words she speaks via Frank Waters, and lo and behold, what jumps up from one of her stories is a perfect scandal picked up by Associated Press concerning her best friend "Belle" in Omaha, who shot a paramour in her room, and within a few days committed suicide in jail by shooting herself with the jailor's pistol. So, here we have Allie's story confirmed - not by me - but by newspapers all over the Nation such as, besides three Omaha papers and the Council Bluffs Nonpareil, to Daily Milwaukie News, Helena, M.T. Gazette, Madison, Wis. Journal, New York Herald and up and down the East Coast ad infinitum.

What does Boessenecker really know!? He is over anxious and dogmatic.

No respectable researchers can dismiss old-timer recollections out of hand, nor accuse Frank Waters of inventing everything. Inflated credentials does not preclude any author from "speaking the fool" as they said in my old neighborhood. There is a lot more in Allie's story substantiated, but Boesenecker couldn't care less, since they would further undermine his flawed opinions.


  • This is from Allie's Story: Mrs. Virgil Earp and The "Tombstone Travesty" by Gary L. Roberts: "At one point in his narrative, Waters takes a backhanded slap at Lake for suggesting that Wells Fargo... more
    • Re: Allie's story of the "Wells Fargo secret detective" — K.t.K., Mon Jul 31 15:38
      • Kenny, Anonymous above was me...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 1 09:34
        ...I didn't want you to be blaming Tom Gaumer for my post.
      • Fred DodgeJohn Boessenecker, Mon Jul 31 22:25
        Whoa, Nellie. That's a real mouthful. Does someone have some Xanax for K.T.K.???
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