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Bob Cash
Thank you, John, for your response.
Mon Jul 31, 2017 20:48

Your point is well taken. I have been told that there is other contemporary (pre-1890) sources that point to Dodge's employment by Wells Fargo. I hope that the one who told me this will share it in this thread. At this point I am agnostic as to whether Dodge was a WF employee of any kind before 1890, but think that both sides have reasonable positions based on the known facts. Your knowledge and integrity are recognized throughout the Western historical community and I appreciate you participating in this forum.

  • Fred Dodge and Frank WatersJohn Boessenecker, Mon Jul 31 10:50
    I generally take old-timer's recollections with a grain of salt. Here, given that Waters fictionalized, even invented, Allie's recollections in his 1961 book, that raises the question of how accurate ... more
    • Thank you, John, for your response. — Bob Cash, Mon Jul 31 20:48
      • Fred Dodge and Wells FargoJohn Boessenecker, Tue Aug 1 12:03
        I think the main pre 1890 source is the Wells Fargo cash book entry which shows the payment to Fred Dodge for posse duty in 1881. I went into this in my reply to Peter Brand's post above.
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