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Hey Joyce
Tue Aug 1, 2017 14:39

Congrats on your new book. I will be in Tombstone for the Val Kilmer event this month. Would it be possible to buy a personalized autographed copy from you? I have researched this area of history about 20 years ago including hiking an eight mile stretch of the Nebraska segment with my two oldest sons. I have a funny story to tell you about this hike. I am currently working toward my masters degree in history and am very interested in this topic. I will be writing a research paper in a few months about the Oregon Trail and would like to make reference (with credit) if possible? Thank you : )

  • to whom it may concern.....Joyce, Sat Jul 29 12:52
    I'd like all my friends here to know I have a new book out as of today! It is not on Tombstone, believe it or not; it is historical fiction following a number of families on the Oregon Trail in the... more
    • Hey Joyce — B.J., Tue Aug 1 14:39
      • B.J./of course...Joyce, Tue Aug 1 15:24
        Hi B.J., I will look forward to seeing you. Give me a call when you get here or have the time. My cell is 520-508-3337 Best, Joyce
        • Re: B.J./of course...B.J. , Tue Aug 1 18:01
          Thanks Joyce. I look forward to talking history with you. Allow us to buy you lunch or dinner. Y'all did a good job of organizing the Val Kilmer event. We already bought our VIP meet and greet... more
          • BJ/Doc Hollidaze...Joyce, Tue Aug 1 21:11
            B.J., I suspect there is quite a bit of excitement building up, but to be honest, I know almost nothing. I work mornings at the Visitor Center but we have been given no information at all and... more
    • Being an obsessed "Rut-Nut" (one who follows wagon tracks) I look forward to reading your new release.
      • the Guernsey rutsK.t.K., Mon Jul 31 07:55
        My wife and I were stunned when visiting this little portion in Wyoming:... more
      • Eddie/rut nut...Joyce, Mon Jul 31 07:30
        What a neat expression! I haven't had the fun of following the trail except in my imagination but I am grateful to the many pioneers who fully realized they were on an historic quest and kept... more
        • Along the Oregon trailB.J., Wed Aug 2 01:50
          I received a couple of messages asking that I share my story of me and my two oldest sons hiking eight miles of the Oregon Trail in Nebraska: This would have been about 20 years ago. We were... more
        • Eddie/ P. S...Joyce, Mon Jul 31 07:31
          If you read it, I would so appreciate any feed-back and suggestions. Thanks!
          • Brotherhood of Rut-NutsEddie Lanham, Mon Jul 31 10:59
            Joyce, I am currently reading Parkman's "The Oregon Trail", written in the mid-1800s. Then one about the lady who typed D-Day Orders for General Eisenhower, and next will be yours. I will be honored... more
            • Eddie/thank you...Joyce, Mon Jul 31 11:04
              Thank you for the welcome! I am truly honoured and wish I could actually experience such an activity. Joyce
    • Re: to whom it may concern.....Bob Cash, Sun Jul 30 14:46
      Joyce, please let me know as soon as "Vantage Point" comes out. I'l start practicing my chewing now. Good luck on your Oregon Trail book. I am sure it is great.
      • Bob/old leather....Joyce, Mon Jul 31 07:25
        Hi there, Bob I knew you would like the idea of dissecting all the Inquest and Hearing testimonies line by line and phrase by phrase. Things have been a little uneventful lately. I'll let you know... more
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