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Peter Brand
Posse duty
Tue Aug 1, 2017 16:53

Thanks for your insights John. It begs the question why Fred Dodge would be riding in the posse in the first place though - kinda kills his position as an "under cover man" to be seen riding with the law. .....


  • Fred Dodge special rangerJohn Boessenecker, Mon Jul 31 22:57
    Peter -- I have a copy of that special ranger application that you dug up which is a great find. In 1900, Dodge had worked for Wells Fargo for ten years, not twenty. I think he is counting back to... more
    • Posse duty — Peter Brand, Tue Aug 1 16:53
      • Fred Dodge and Posse dutyJohn Boessenecker, Tue Aug 1 17:12
        That is exactly right. Undercover agents associate with criminals, not lawmen. If he really was under cover, this would have blown his cover. Also, if Dodge was already on Wells Fargo's payroll, why... more
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