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Along the Oregon trail
Wed Aug 2, 2017 01:50

I received a couple of messages asking that I share my story of me and my two oldest sons hiking eight miles of the Oregon Trail in Nebraska: This would have been about 20 years ago. We were returning from visiting my in-laws in Eastern Nebraska. My two boys had been reading about the Oregon trail and they were talking about "how exciting" it must have been for pioneers traveling the trail. I asked my wife to drop the boys and I off and drive the motorhome exactly eight miles west on highway 80 and wait for us. Trevor was 11 and Travis was 13 at the time. After the first few miles my boys were already sweating, tired and complaining about the humidity & mosquitos which were buzzing all around and biting us. My boys said it would have been easier riding in the covered wagons. They were surprised when I informed them that was Hollywood. The reality is that anybody who could walk, had to walk most if not all of the distance to Oregon. My boys asked how could they tolerate that long of a walk and all of the above mentioned complaints? Well they didn't have much choice back then and our hike did not include being attacked by hostile Indians and all sorts of illnesses. My boys learned about experiencing a real life history lesson after that eight mile hike. They no longer thought the Oregon Trail was exciting. They also realized a little bit of the hardships the pioneers had it back then. That's real life history

  • Eddie/rut nut...Joyce, Mon Jul 31 07:30
    What a neat expression! I haven't had the fun of following the trail except in my imagination but I am grateful to the many pioneers who fully realized they were on an historic quest and kept... more
    • Along the Oregon trail — B.J., Wed Aug 2 01:50
    • Eddie/ P. S...Joyce, Mon Jul 31 07:31
      If you read it, I would so appreciate any feed-back and suggestions. Thanks!
      • Brotherhood of Rut-NutsEddie Lanham, Mon Jul 31 10:59
        Joyce, I am currently reading Parkman's "The Oregon Trail", written in the mid-1800s. Then one about the lady who typed D-Day Orders for General Eisenhower, and next will be yours. I will be honored... more
        • Eddie/thank you...Joyce, Mon Jul 31 11:04
          Thank you for the welcome! I am truly honoured and wish I could actually experience such an activity. Joyce
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