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Not physically impossible to transport.
Thu Aug 3, 2017 11:50

I'm talking about stuffing over a half ton inside the treasure box, where other valuables are placed as well.

Incidentally, in June 1879 when the bullion had to be carried all the way from Tombstone to Tucson, the stage company owner H. C. Walker was helping unload one day.
"...Mr. H. C. walker let slip a bar weighing 160 pounds which struck the first toe of his right foot, completely crushing it above the first joint. The injure member was properly dressed by Dr. Sewell..."
[Arizona citizen - June 20, 1879]

  • 26,000bfrey, Thu Aug 3 11:16
    So why is this figure being put out there, if it was physically impossible for such a large shipment transported? It seems there is some math, calculating problems with what was reported to be going... more
    • Not physically impossible to transport. — K.t.K., Thu Aug 3 11:50
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