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Understanding Kenny.....
Thu Aug 3, 2017 16:51

Hey y'all, I wouldn't take Kenny too seriously. He is actually a pretty good guy in person. At least I have never heard him insult others in person. Possibly there is a clinical rationale for that? On the history boards he starts out making excellent historical perspectives and observations. But when someone disagrees with him, he sometimes has an angry meltdown and begins his angry diatribes and insults. However through Kenny we have a much better understanding of Morgan Earp and I learned from Kenny that Morgan was a credible lawman in his own right. I am looking forward to his forthcoming Morgan Earp book and finding out more historical insights into Wyatt Earp's brother Morgan.

  • AgeeBob Paul, Thu Aug 3 09:20
    Paul j., good idea. I would also like some Jeffrey Burton perspective.
    • Burton's bookLarry Dean, Sat Aug 5 14:58
      As I recall Burton pretty well destroyed Dodge and proved that he was a prevaricator in his book, didn't he Bob Paul?
      • A little overstated, IMHO.Bob Paul, Sat Aug 5 17:22
        I don't think would have made such judgment. While I do have "a dog in this fight" through family history research---much of it original entries---I have concentrated more on period law enforcement... more
    • Understanding Kenny..... — B.J., Thu Aug 3 16:51
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