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Bob Cash
Re: Honest Fred Dodge??
Sat Aug 5, 2017 13:32

On further reflection, while I believe John Bossenecker's supposition that Fred Dodge, in the 1920's may have wanted his new wife and their son to believe he was a secreyt agent for WF in Tombstone years rather than a professional gambler has some merit, it does not explain why in his 1900 application for the Texas Rangers, he would repeated the same story.

  • Re: Honest Fred Dodge??Bob cash, Sat Aug 5 13:21
    That's an excellent surmise as to why Dodge might have wanted to appear as an undercover man for WF to his wife and son rather than a gambler. I find the same kind of thing in my research on Texas... more
    • Re: Honest Fred Dodge?? — Bob Cash, Sat Aug 5 13:32
      • Fred Dodge Ranger applicationJohn Boessenecker, Sat Aug 5 14:06
        In Fred Dodge's Special Ranger application dated 1900, he states his experience as "20 years, Special Officer Wells Fargo & Co." This is technically true because of his posse duty for Wells Fargo in... more
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