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John Boessenecker
Fred Dodge Ranger application
Sat Aug 5, 2017 14:06

In Fred Dodge's Special Ranger application dated 1900, he states his experience as "20 years, Special Officer Wells Fargo & Co." This is technically true because of his posse duty for Wells Fargo in 1881. As Casey has pointed out, he also may have done some Wells Fargo work in 1884. Wells Fargo occasionally hired local officers on a case by case basis (Steve Venard in California is a good example). They were hired as special officers, or detectives. This does not mean that they were undercover agents for Wells Fargo. A big exception is when Wells Fargo sent Venard to infiltrate the John Houx stage robbery gang in 1871. Venard was sent to infiltrate a gang, not a city or town.

Fred Dodge in his Special Ranger application states his experience as "special officer" and does not state he was an undercover man. A copy of his Special Ranger application is here:

  • Re: Honest Fred Dodge??Bob Cash, Sat Aug 5 13:32
    On further reflection, while I believe John Bossenecker's supposition that Fred Dodge, in the 1920's may have wanted his new wife and their son to believe he was a secreyt agent for WF in Tombstone... more
    • Fred Dodge Ranger application — John Boessenecker, Sat Aug 5 14:06
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