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Bob Paul
A little overstated, IMHO.
Sat Aug 5, 2017 17:22

I don't think would have made such judgment. While I do have "a dog in this fight" through family history research---much of it original entries---I have concentrated more on period law enforcement and Wells Fargo collaboration/coordination from a family perspective. Fred Dodge was not part of my effort. My copy of Burton's 2008 book shows acknowledgments for a number of individuals better equipped to elaborate.BTW, there was a 2009 book review that did cover critical analysis of Dodge, et al, which appeared in WWHA publications. Maybe this is what you're referring to. Based on the interest in the A.T. train robberies in the late '80s, I compiled a file of news articles by "competing" papers and found coverage consistent with my family research files. Y'all ought to read them, they are a hoot.

  • Burton's bookLarry Dean, Sat Aug 5 14:58
    As I recall Burton pretty well destroyed Dodge and proved that he was a prevaricator in his book, didn't he Bob Paul?
    • A little overstated, IMHO. — Bob Paul, Sat Aug 5 17:22
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