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John Boessenecker
Fred Dodge in Tombstone
Tue Aug 8, 2017 21:05

Fred Dodge was clearly in Tombstone as a gambler and was a friend of the Earps and lived through all those exciting events. There is no doubt about that. I just find it totally unbelievable that he was an undercover agent for Wells Fargo and that Wells Fargo sent him to Tombstone. The Wells Fargo office was not even opened in Tombstone until six months after Dodge got there.

I don't think Dodge told a whopper -- I think he just tried to clean up his role in Tombstone for posterity.

By comparison, Wells Fargo Messenger Aaron Y. Ross, hero of the 1883 Montello train holdup, told some real whoppers. One of the most outrageous was his claim that he captured Black Bart in Reno. Bart, of course, was captured by Harry Morse in San Francisco, and Ross had nothing to do with it.

  • Interesting conceptCasey Tefertiller, Tue Aug 8 11:19
    John, Interesting concept. So, the theory is that Dodge was trying to cover up his entirely legal activities by telling a big whopper to Wyatt Earp, John Clum and Stuart Lake? That would not be good... more
    • Fred Dodge in Tombstone — John Boessenecker, Tue Aug 8 21:05
      • undercoverbfrey, Thu Aug 10 08:24
        The police use undercover people all the time, they are paid by the department for their info, so technically they could say they are employed by a specific agency. I think when Dodge began doing... more
      • The WF station is a comin', comin' Casey Tefertiller, Wed Aug 9 17:53
        John, Not sure why it would matter that the WF office had not yet opened. Wouldn’t you think that WF would want eyes in Cochise County before they would establish their office? That way they would... more
        • Wells FargoJohn Boessenecker, Wed Aug 9 18:23
          But there were way more stage robberies in California's Mother Lode country in 1879-1882 than ever took place in Southern Arizona during those years. And no one ever suggested that Wells Fargo... more
          • Thinking like ValentineCasey Tefertiller, Wed Aug 9 20:38
            John, WF had “friends” and friendly law officers throughout the Motherlode. I read in this great book that Bob Paul was involved with WF long before his move to Arizona. By 1880, WF knew the area,... more
            • Wells FargoJohn Boessenecker, Wed Aug 9 20:59
              I agree that Wells Fargo was way more established in California than in Southern Arizona, and the company surely realized how important a mining center Tombstone was becoming in 1879, but it still... more
              • Reading Valentine's mindCasey Tefertiller, Thu Aug 10 10:30
                John, That is the key point. How can we read Valentine’s mind? How can we know what he was thinking? Because something is usually done in one certain way does not mean it is always done in that way.... more
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