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Tue Aug 15, 2017 08:33

This is always interesting to me because of the amazing store of adjectives that come out of some writers' keyboards. All we really need, though we have little information on some of these guys, is our power of reason.

For example, Ike's conflict with Denny McCann. Both men went to get their guns and were prepared to shoot it out. They had to know the risks. Yet neither one backed down. Virgil broke it up. Neither man showed cowardice.

Morgan had told Ike after the blow-up with Doc that he had better be armed next time they see him on the street. Its 1880. What does a man do if he wants to hold his head up in his home range?

At the gunfight, Ike was not armed. What was he expected to do. Sitting in an armchair after watching western heroes on the screen its easy for some to draw foolish conclusions. Was Ike supposed to run out in front of all the bullets and sacrifice himself, not helping anyone anyway? There was nothing cowardly about dodging 45's any way you can. Ike received no criticism in court or newspapers for leaving the scene. he couldn't help anyone. But he did grab Wyatt's loaded pistol and attempt to wrestle it away from him. That's not the act of a coward. One lawyer when questioning a witness in the Hearing even said, "Wouldn't anyone with any sense leave the scene if they could not shoot back?" or words to that affect.

As I have asked several times; who said Ike was drunk? Not one witness who talked with Ike suggested he was drunk or confrontational. Assuming he was drunk because he went in several saloons is not providing historical record. There were a huge number of saloons in the town and the only form of socialization. Everyone was in them. Were they all roaring drunks? How about Virgil, Behan,, and Tom who played cards all night with Ike? Were any of them drunk?

In court two witnesses were questioned about their sobriety, or hang-overs. Ike was never questioned about that because it was not an issue. Interesting that Wyatt remarked about Doc being 'pretty tight,' but never made the same accusation about Ike. None of the Earps did.

Just a few thoughts some historians ought to consider.

  • interesting questionbfrey, Tue Aug 15 07:53
    I guess we assume he was a coward because he didnt take up the fight when his group was confronted by the Earp's. He wasn't armed and engaged Wyatt during a gunfight, hardly the actions of a total... more
    • Bruce/interesting... — Joyce, Tue Aug 15 08:33
      • Hi Joyce...B.J., Tue Aug 15 14:17
        We came by the visitor center to say hi. The guy behind the counter said that you would return at 1:00 PM. I checked the time and it was already 2:20 pm. I hope that all is well for you? Sorry we... more
        • Re: Hi Joyce...Joyce, Tue Aug 15 16:43
          Hi B. J., I am so sorry I missed you. I work only in the mornings till 1:00 p.m. so I don't know who was in there but he didn't seem to know my schedule. I do not work week-ends. I guess you forgot... more
      • drinking...bfrey, Tue Aug 15 12:13
        Your right Joyce I guess we have no confirmed statements as to his being under the influence. Ike was in the Alhambra saloon around midnight when the confrontation took place, he than attended an all ... more
        • Bruce/drinking...Joyce, Tue Aug 15 17:43
          Bruce, Hollywood has programmed us (me, for years ) to see these guys belly up to the bar and slug down rot-gut whiskey. When Ike was at the Oriental with Wyatt, he said "...while the bartender was... more
          • Anonymous/cowardly?Joyce, Wed Aug 16 05:45
            I hope you are going to describe for us exactly how you would handle the situation when gunfire started and you had no weapon. What is your next move, please. I assume you have a plan to save... more
            • anonymous...Joyce, Thu Aug 17 16:22
              I was a little confused about your section on ambushes. Are you saying Ike Clanton was the person involved in each of these? I think there are not clear facts on any of those. It was never determined ... more
              • Re: anonymous...Bob Cash, Sun Aug 20 08:39
                Joyce, you wrote : "It was never determined who shot Morgan through the back window of Campbell & Hatch's saloon. Are you absolutely sure it could not have been vigilantes? The Earps were not all... more
                • Bob/Vigilantes?...Joyce, Sun Aug 20 13:22
                  Bob, Apparently the Coroner's jury did not come to anything but suspicion as the case went no further. Why were these men not arrested immediately and jailed? Their involvement was suspected but if... more
                  • Anonymous./interesting...Joyce, Mon Aug 21 09:43
                    I understand that Marietta Spence might not be able to testify against her husband, but what about the others? She included them in her original statement, did she not? The other two in jail on other ... more
                    • IkeFred Dodge, Thu Aug 24 16:00
                      I've said it before and will state it again. Ike was a loud mouth and when his father died he took over the ranch and its operations. He was a two-bit rustler who was in over his head as any type of... more
              • JoyceEddie Lanham, Fri Aug 18 04:28
                Is your email posted on line? I have something to send you.
                • Eddie/contact...Joyce, Fri Aug 18 07:22
                  Eddie, You can reach me at Thank you
            • Anonymous/once again...Joyce, Thu Aug 17 07:46
              Anonymous, I am sorry my sense of humour is regarded as condescending, but I admit computers don't have eyebrows, so it happens. To address your responses, civilly, of course, I have to ask as I do... more
            • anon/correction...Joyce, Wed Aug 16 08:17
              My last line didn't make any sense because my computer is doing funny things like skipping letters and words. It should read, " Now that you are back from the past by time machine, apparently you... more
        • Re: drinking...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 15 14:29
          Damn, Bruce, as many times as I've argued this issue with Joyce, I never noticed Wyatt saying Ike took a drink in the Oriental. Over all, I think yours is the best (and shortest) post I have seen on... more
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