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Gary Roberts
Passing By
Tue Aug 22, 2017 14:10

I'm way behind in catching up on what's been going on B. J.'s Board, but I do read some posts occasionally.

I've been intrigued by the Fred Dodge discourse. I'll leave the details to the experts here, but I would make a couple of observations. First, I would not dismiss Dodge out of hand. In considering his statements, I am more intrigued by his letters in Pt. III than the narrative in Pt. I of the book. Second, there he told Wyatt that he was working directly for Valentine and, in fact, said that Thacker did not know him until Thacker came to Tombstone after Curly Bill's demise in 1882 at Valentine's request. Third, Wyatt, from these letters at least, seems to have not raised an issue about his credibility. I don't take everything Dodge said at face value, but I think we dismiss him at our peril.

His title doesn't concern me, but I believe that it is true that Wells, Fargo did use "specials" from time to time, some openly, some clandestinely. We know that Valentine had taken an interest in Tombstone. Just when Dodge has hired might be debatable. Valentine would have needed a reason.

Valentine would not have been the only person to use such "agents." Remember that on October 22, 1881, Acting Governor John Gosper secretly appointed Frank C. Marsh, the Tombstone jeweler for whom Bill Leonard had worked earlier and with whose family Leonard lived at the time of the 1880 census, as a "private detective" to keep him informed about Tombstone matters. Sometimes people in positions like Gosper's and Valentine's wanted a private source outside of official circles.

I can see that you are all doing well. I was saddened to learn of Robin Andrews' passing. Hopefully, one of these days I'll get back into the conversation, if you'll have me. For now, it is back to projects piled up on my desk. I miss the repartee and all that I learn here. My best to you all! Gary

    • Re: Passing ByK.t.K., Thu Aug 24 03:40
      Thanks for the post, Gary. You got me to thinking about the arrival at Tombstone of Jacob M. Seibert from Wells-Fargo offices in San Francisco, this in the wake of the Marshal Williams fiasco. The... more
    • Re: Passing ByJim Dunham, Wed Aug 23 05:59
      Gary, Hope you are feeling well. Good to read your posts. I have a proposal: The Wild West History Association (WWHA) Board has decided to have what we are calling Mini-Roundups. This would be a one... more
      • Deal Me In! (nm)Victoria Wilcox, Thu Aug 31 21:38
      • Mini-Roundup at the BoothEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 31 04:35
        Jim Dunham, A Mini-Roundup featuring Holliday historians would be a great event. I honestly believe you could fill the auditorium. Let me know the date, and I will gladly help with notifying all... more
        • Thanks EddieGary Roberts, Thu Aug 31 14:33
          I've tried 285 West, but if I can hit Atlanta at the right time, I usually go straight up 75. If you've got a better way, I'd love to hear about it. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Best! Gary
      • An idea realizedGary Roberts, Wed Aug 30 11:13
        Jim, It is a real shame that we don't see each other more often, given the fact that we live in the same state. The biggest barrier, I guess, is Atlanta traffic! Actually, though, Paul Cool and I... more
        • Re: An idea realizedJim Dunham, Thu Aug 31 05:52
          Gary, Great! Mark Warren is also a good choice. I just finished his new book "Adobe Moon" and I'll bet he would enjoy being on the program. I will call on the phone and we can talk about this. Look... more
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