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Ben Harleman
Thomas ---> Forsythe
Wed Aug 23, 2017 20:14

Makes an almost perfect sequintial companion piece to Forsythe's painting of the event. Coincidentally I was just reading an article from Wild West about that painting earlier today, and now this one. Thanks for sharing.

In the spirit of art appreciation, here is the link to the article I referred to:

  • Andy Thomas gunfight paintingJerry Prather, Wed Aug 23 16:10
    There's a very nice painting of the O K Corral gunfight I have never seen before over on Richard Weddle's new facebook page. Scroll down the... more
    • Jim DunhamEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 24 04:17
      Isn't this painting at the Booth?
      • Re: Jim DunhamJim Dunham, Thu Aug 24 06:15
        Eddie, The Booth Western Art Museum has an Andy Thomas painting, but it is not of the "street fight." You are thinking of the John Hampton oil painting "The First Six Seconds" which we do have.... more
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