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The common error in most renderings...
Thu Aug 24, 2017 02:28

...miss the fact that neither Holliday or Morgan Earp positioned themselves inside the lot. When Morgan was hit and knocked down, he instantly got back up and continued shooting on his feet. Bob Hatch, who had a particular interest in Morg testified as such.
The only time Morgan fired from the ground (after tripping on the dirt mound going all the way up Fremont) he was out in the street some twenty feet, taking careful aim at Frank, who by then had reached the sidewalk 80 feet across Fremont without his horse.

This rendering is at the end of the fight:

  • Thomas ---> ForsytheBen Harleman, Wed Aug 23 20:14
    Makes an almost perfect sequintial companion piece to Forsythe's painting of the event. Coincidentally I was just reading an article from Wild West about that painting earlier today, and now this... more
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