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Re: Passing By
Thu Aug 24, 2017 03:40

Thanks for the post, Gary.
You got me to thinking about the arrival at Tombstone of Jacob M. Seibert from Wells-Fargo offices in San Francisco, this in the wake of the Marshal Williams fiasco. The low profile agent Seibert was described as a trouble-shooter for the company. Perhaps this was the "secret detective" mentioned by Allie who visited Virgil. I am assuming a job description for "trouble-shooter" includes a demand for interviewing pertinent Wells Fargo contacts in the locale. I say Seibert was low profile, in that the endeavor to track his movements is about a step or two above fruitless. Yes, he was highly trusted throughout a 49-year career and early on held responsible jobs in places like Pioche, Virginia City, Ogden and Napa, Cal. Then he was transferred to the corporate office in S. F. Low profile in that on the 1880 census his job title is simply "bookkeeper" - no Wells-Fargo association mentioned. Evidently from those kept "books" Seibert could spot irregularities and red flags popping up here and there. For instance 1879 finds him in Bodie, subsequent to "fraud" allegations in the Wells Fargo office there. I would assume his interviewing would have included shotgun messengers Tovey, Ward, Ross and Woodruff. He could accomplish that at either end of the bullion run - Bodie or Carson City - the latter where he arrived November 10, 1879, on his way back home.

I have not found the duration of his stay in Tombstone.


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        • Thanks EddieGary Roberts, Thu Aug 31 14:33
          I've tried 285 West, but if I can hit Atlanta at the right time, I usually go straight up 75. If you've got a better way, I'd love to hear about it. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Best! Gary
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