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Jim Dunham
Re: Jim Dunham
Thu Aug 24, 2017 06:15


The Booth Western Art Museum has an Andy Thomas painting, but it is not of the "street fight." You are thinking of the John Hampton oil painting "The First Six Seconds" which we do have. Actually the museum owns a lot of Earp/Tombstone related art. We have OK Corral art by Thom Ross and Bob Boze Bell and others. I love the Boze image of Holliday holding a shotgun titled "The Doctor Will See You Now." We also own the original drawings by Don Crowley of his gunfighter series. These include Virgil and Wyatt in later years and Morgan in 1881. Even though his Doc Holliday drawing is wonderfully done, he did it from a photo John Gilcreise provided of John Escaple (sp). If anyone wants to see these images they are available on our website
Happy Trails,
Jim Dunham

  • Jim DunhamEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 24 04:17
    Isn't this painting at the Booth?
    • Re: Jim Dunham — Jim Dunham, Thu Aug 24 06:15
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