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randy king
you must have credentials..
Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:30 get in. They say Phd, two references and letters of recommendations. I have been asked if I want to get into the research area, thus posting. It will take a bit of time but, I feel there is a good chance here. I am aware of the Lake manuscript. I know there is an extensive western collection and have little information what is in the collection. I am treating this as a one time opportunity so I am trying to do my homework.
I am a sustaining member of the Library and have been for years, but that is not a high membership for entry into the research section. If I get in, and allowed to so I offer someone to join me. This all depends on the people I am talking with.

Randy King

  • Re: Huntington Library in CA..Ben Harleman, Fri Aug 25 20:37
    I'll go ahead and drop in a reply here since no one's chimed in yet. I think my first activity would probably to just take some time going though pertinent notes from Lake. He's been referenced so... more
    • you must have credentials.. — randy king, Sat Aug 26 10:30
      • The Huntington is the Randy King, Mon Sep 4 20:15
        Place to be...its research department is Hugh. I'm working on it, we will see
      • Re: you must have credentials..Ben Harleman, Sat Aug 26 17:04
        That's good information to know. I still haven't even finished my degree, so I'm a bit off the mark of getting access. I confused my conversation with the Berkeley University for the a look at Luke... more
    • Huntington LibraryDoug Hocking, Fri Aug 25 21:27
      Check on line on their website. You need credentials to get into the Huntington.
      • Re: Huntington LibraryBen Harleman, Fri Aug 25 21:54
        I had talked to someone online before about getting in to do research and thought I was going to be able to get in, but maybe I'm confusing myself with something else.
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