RIP: Dave Potter
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Tom Gaumer
The Prosecution apparetly agrees with you
Wed Aug 30, 2017 18:38

but I think Mr. Williams would have been jumped on hard by good lawyers attempting to protect their case. Willliams, had he been faced with good lawyers which I don't think he was, would have had a tough time suggesting his testimony equating moments to hours was credible or defensible.

Confronting Williams on it might have rattled him into saying more things that the Prosecution could use against him and helped them defend their case and their witness--Behan.

But I think cross examining Mr. Williams well on this or other things was well beyond their capacity. Repeating and emphasizing his testimony was more their speed.

My opinion only
and keep laughing

  • timingAnonymous, Wed Aug 30 04:32
    If the shooting occurred at 3:00, sunset would have been around 5:30, lets give evening or end of the day to start around 4:30 I don't see a problem with the sequence described as "a few moments... more
    • A third centAnonymous, Mon Sep 4 18:01
      If the shooting is established at being 3:00 PM then the term in question is of no great importance. It's a slip of tongue. It's not an uncommon error to insert the wrong time of day.
    • The Prosecution apparetly agrees with you — Tom Gaumer, Wed Aug 30 18:38
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