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Eddie Lanham
Mini-Roundup at the Booth
Thu Aug 31, 2017 04:35

Jim Dunham, A Mini-Roundup featuring Holliday historians would be a great event. I honestly believe you could fill the auditorium.
Let me know the date, and I will gladly help with notifying all interested parties.
Gary Roberts, I live 40 miles southwest of Atlanta, the occupied city. There is a way to bypass on the west side. Takes a little longer, but much less stress.

  • Re: Passing ByJim Dunham, Wed Aug 23 05:59
    Gary, Hope you are feeling well. Good to read your posts. I have a proposal: The Wild West History Association (WWHA) Board has decided to have what we are calling Mini-Roundups. This would be a one... more
    • Mini-Roundup at the Booth — Eddie Lanham, Thu Aug 31 04:35
      • Thanks EddieGary Roberts, Thu Aug 31 14:33
        I've tried 285 West, but if I can hit Atlanta at the right time, I usually go straight up 75. If you've got a better way, I'd love to hear about it. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Best! Gary
    • An idea realizedGary Roberts, Wed Aug 30 11:13
      Jim, It is a real shame that we don't see each other more often, given the fact that we live in the same state. The biggest barrier, I guess, is Atlanta traffic! Actually, though, Paul Cool and I... more
      • Re: An idea realizedJim Dunham, Thu Aug 31 05:52
        Gary, Great! Mark Warren is also a good choice. I just finished his new book "Adobe Moon" and I'll bet he would enjoy being on the program. I will call on the phone and we can talk about this. Look... more
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