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Gary Roberts
You might want to check . . .
Thu Aug 31, 2017 14:27

the archive on Texas Jack's board. In February 2010, Butch Badon and I had a lengthy discussion there of the Hayhurst and comparisons to the various versions of the Spicer from Turner, the EPITAPH, and the NUGGET. I tried to provide a history (based on my experience) of the use of the various sources. I also discussed the importance of having all of this sources in order to get a clearer understanding of what happened. Once you figure out the order of things, it is easier to understand the strategies of the prosecution and the defense, why witnesses were called when they were, etc. It is a starting point at least. I haven't had a chance to review the Williams' testimony to be able to respond directly to your questions there. Best! Gary

  • Quickly alsoTom Gaumer, Wed Aug 30 19:02
    Howdy Gary Think of the contribution Jeff Morey could have made by making the chronology you mentioned public with assorted information we would have all longed to see, especially from him! Think of... more
    • You might want to check . . . — Gary Roberts, Thu Aug 31 14:27
      • Will do. When do you think one Tom Gaumer, Fri Sep 1 02:10
        Gary of the people who have the available copies of the Nuggets and Epitaphs will allow them to be copied and placed in BJ's history archives or printed up and distributed to anyone who wants them?... more
        • discrepanciespaul j, Fri Sep 1 09:05
          Tom and all - If you go about typing up what exists of the Hayhurst ms (it is already a typescript, isn't it?)- then type up all the Epitaph reporting of the testimony, and follow with the Nugget... more
          • Howdy PaulTom Gaumer, Fri Sep 1 19:04
            I think the Hayhurst exists, perhaps at ASU in Tempe. There is another book length manuscript by Hayhurst there only indirectly related. I think anything can be done online if you know the magic. I... more
          • If I may stick my nose in here...Ben Harleman, Fri Sep 1 12:54
            I don't know about an online program, but MS Office can handle it. I've already taken most all of the documents from here and transcribed them into a digital book format for me to use on my tablet... more
            • Please stick your nose in. All help appreciatedTom Gaumer, Fri Sep 1 19:11
              Howdy Ben It sounds to me like your four columns with the summary notes would be great for any of us with an interest in this. What part of the country do you live in? Are you planning to attend TTR... more
              • Howdy TomBen Harleman, Fri Sep 1 20:45
                Hi Tom, unfortunately I just moved back to Seattle from Phoenix (Goodyear, to be specific) the first of August. However, I was talking to my wife about going back down in possibly October or November ... more
                • TTR October 25 to 29 (nm)Tom Gaumer, Sat Sep 2 18:21
                  • TTR DatesBen Harleman, Mon Sep 4 03:32
                    Thank you, Tom. I marked the dates and discussed with my wife, and at this point am expecting to be there. I'm definitely looking forward.
                • Thanks BenTom Gaumer, Sat Sep 2 00:59
                  Let's see what can be done. Tom
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