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Tom Gaumer
It seems so Startling. Doesn't it.
Fri Sep 1, 2017 02:35


136 years and no one has ever fixed it. Hmmm

How is this for an idea?

You use your access to the Epitaph to provide copies of everything there that refers to the Spicer Hearing.

We find a typist to type it up exactly as it exists on my dime.

I send a copy to John K if he wants one for BJ's archive

I then make a copy of the typed version available free to anyone who wants one.

What do you think?

Then we try The Nugget. Harder as less copies are available and not online but what are ya goin to do!

In the meantime everyone look up the town of Derinkuyu with the accompanying video. It is startling also:-)

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