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Tom Gaumer
I guess we will not know for sure
Fri Sep 1, 2017 03:29

I think garnering support for an attempt to be elected Sheriff sounds the best to me. I would guess the idea was to use Ike's info to best advantage, get him the blood money and then hold it over him for future information. The headaches were likely unfortunate side effects and hopefully not too bad.

I do not understand why the Earps would need muscle from anyone else. Couldn't they rustle up some muscle of their own? Maybe they wanted Doc to kill Ike and leave them out of it but why? Virgil and Morgan had a chance to kill Ike if they wanted when arresting him and did not. Wyatt could have killed IKe at the opening of the gunfight when Ike said Wyatt stuck his gun in Ike's belly but Wyatt didn't pull the trigger. If the story gets out that Ike is taking blood money to turn in his acquaintances that might get Ike killed by other cowboys but why would the Earps want to kill him over such a story?

I can't imagine what threat Ike was to the Earps pre gunfight? After the gunfight Ike's feeling about his brother and friends would make him a threat alright but before what could it be? Not the Benson stage murders as the only evidence is heresay from Ike who rather foolishly claims to be the Father Confessor that murderers seek out to tell of their most recent double murders. Before the gunfight I just don't see why the Earps would worry about Ike?
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  • could be?bfrey, Sun Jul 23 11:56
    That could be, but the Earp's had other contacts and fish on the line, do they go to someone that could potentially cause them all sorts of headaches (which he did) or did they just look at Ike as a... more
    • I guess we will not know for sure — Tom Gaumer, Fri Sep 1 03:29
    • Is it not possible....Joyce, Mon Jul 24 07:11
      ...that Wyatt Earp was guilty of bad judgement? Ike's testimony is pretty straight forward and quite reasonable. According to him, it was actually Doc Holliday who approached him about the Benson... more
      • Kate's circumstancebfrey, Mon Jul 24 07:30
        I always wondered how this event of her telling of Holliday's involvement... In Addie's account she was beaten by Behan in order to get a confession, I think that is far fetched, I'm guessing... more
        • Anonymous/Addie?Joyce, Sun Jul 30 08:27
          I think Bruce was referring to Allie Earp, Virgil's wife. However, it is not at all reasonable to think that Behan beat Kate to get information. Nothing in his whole history suggests he would be... more
        • Kate's dilemma...Joyce, Mon Jul 24 13:23
          Hi Bruce, Well, its certain Behan didn't beat her for a confession! If he had gone to that extreme he certainly wouldn't have let the whole thing go so easy. I doubt if Behan had anything to do with... more
          • Precicely Joyce.K.t.K., Mon Jul 24 15:12
            Getting rid of witnesses is a game old as the hills, and will never go away. k
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