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Tom Gaumer
Thanks Steve
Fri Sep 1, 2017 18:53

Nugget version

This is all in response to a call by Virgil for the cowboys to: "Throw up your hands, I have come to disarm you."

Here is a line of this conversation quoted to Mr. Williams by a defense attorney, maybe Mr. Fitch, and to which Williams agreed:

“…when one of the McLowry boys said, `We will', and Drew his gun. The shooting then commenced.

Here is Mr. Williams testifying in his own words:
“One of the McLowry boys said, `We will,' and the shooting commenced." That is as I remember it.”

Notice the significant difference? The defense attorney added “and Drew his gun.” Either way Williams agrees!!

The prosecution did not object to that in this Nugget version!!!

How is that possible as a drawing of a gun by anyone on the cowboys side would justify the Earps opening fire immediately?

It is the heart of the case.

I believe Shillingberg says there were 10 prosecution lawyers and not one of them, in this Nugget version, is aware of what they just let the defense do to them. How many would Ike have had to hire before he got a good one?
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