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Ben Harleman
Howdy Tom
Fri Sep 1, 2017 20:45

Hi Tom, unfortunately I just moved back to Seattle from Phoenix (Goodyear, to be specific) the first of August. However, I was talking to my wife about going back down in possibly October or November and would love to time it to go to TTR. As yet, though, I can't swear I could make it but I'll definitely do what I can to work it out.

I'm not a techno expert, but I'm certainly handy. I love projects and do a lot of this kind of stuff on my own just for fun. In fact, most of my western "research" is digitized into Word, OneNote, and Excel, and if this kind of thing can help anyone I would be happy to do whatever I can. And in accordance with your previous reply to Paul J, I'll add that I am not necessarily "young" but I'm definitely young-ish, and full of energy (I spend way too many nights sitting up til the wee hours doing exactly these kinds of things). So if there's something to be tackled that can be benefitted from my assistance, consider me glad to give it!

  • Please stick your nose in. All help appreciatedTom Gaumer, Fri Sep 1 19:11
    Howdy Ben It sounds to me like your four columns with the summary notes would be great for any of us with an interest in this. What part of the country do you live in? Are you planning to attend TTR... more
    • Howdy Tom — Ben Harleman, Fri Sep 1 20:45
      • TTR October 25 to 29 (nm)Tom Gaumer, Sat Sep 2 18:21
        • TTR DatesBen Harleman, Mon Sep 4 03:32
          Thank you, Tom. I marked the dates and discussed with my wife, and at this point am expecting to be there. I'm definitely looking forward.
      • Thanks BenTom Gaumer, Sat Sep 2 00:59
        Let's see what can be done. Tom
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